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Bravo! Bravo! On 26th, January, 2016,the results of iF Design Award 2016 come out: 5 models  of  Kramer products stood out in 5,295 entries which are from 53 countries and won five awards. Kramer makes a new achievement,again.

What kinds of designs can get favor from the 58 member-strong iF jury comprised of international experts? Let the following amazing new stars tell you:

2016 iF Winner I: LIM Faucet

Design Concept:“Less is more”, we devote “LIM” to you with minimal design and maximum water enjoyment. The spout is ingeniously integrated with hand shower. User can switch between two functions by effortlessly rotating the spout. Less elements save more space for your bathroom and increase efficiency in production, also environment friendly with less material consumption. To optimized water consumption, flow rate will be changed in different modes according to different needs.

LIM makes the functions of spout and hand shower 2 in 1

iF Winner II: M+ Draw-off Tap

Design Concept:  M+ draw-off tap’s design is inspired by the organic structure from natural plant. One source of water, the “root”, provides two outlets for different uses. You will no longer need a valve for your washing machine and another valve for the basin next to it, only one M+ draw-off tap is sufficient. The water is switching between two outlets by the handle. Connecting with hoses and spray heads, M+ tap can be used in garden, laundry, kitchen or other conditions. And “multi” application is the exact design intent. It requests less building construction, saves space for your laundry, and creates more flexibility with a natural harmonious appearance.

One tap, two outlets. M+ draw-off tap makes mission possible

iF Wnner III:Equatre 4 in 1 TaP 

Design Concept:  Equatre, one minimalist styling electronic tap delivers hot, cold, boiling, filtered, 4 water types from 1 spout with world leading technology. The control of 4 waterways is separated in 2 handles. Crystal clear handle on the left switch filtered/boiling water. With single touch, it shows blue light to indicate filtered drinking water. When you touch and hold for 3 seconds, it turns red to indicate boiling water. For safety, boiling water will stop immediately if there is not contact. Cold-start 2 stages handle on the right side controls hot/cold water. For energy saving, stage 1 offers cold water only. Hot water will be turned on in stage 2.

Innovative four flow system accomplishes in the same tap: natural cold & hot water, filtered cold & hot water

iF Wnner IV:Vogue Basin Mixer

Design Concept: Vogue emphasizes a reminiscent of nature, elegant and minimalist fashion styling, and application of user-friendly materials. The tree branch shape and round curves advocate the appearance of natural elements. It’s made from patented brass alloy which contains extremely low level of lead and fulfills the drinking water material regulations in Germany and the U.S. Water flow angle is adjustable via aerator, flexible to fit in different basins. Water consumption is reduced via mixing air technology on the aerator, reaching world-class eco requirement. Its soft finish technology provides comfortable touch.

Vogue is positioned as a modern iconic washbasin mixer

iF Wnner V:Fit Angle Valve

Design Concept:  It is one-key operate angle valve. The function of regulating water flow is barely used, thus its one-key button can avoid needless operations. The hose connector can sway back and  forth 10°to ensure enough room for the installation of hose. Black coupled with white,and simple geometric modeling coupled with stainless steel,which abandons needless design and seeks the best match.

Move 10°forth, Increase much more operating space

Design is the core strength of Kramer. Winning world-renowned designs awards for years consecutively declares our international reputation of good design. Kramer believes the power of originality,and we will keep moving forward.

▲With the brilliant design and efficient water-saving function,Kramer Ozen Faucet won 2014 iF Design Award

the iF design award night, where the winners will be duly celebrated, will take place on 26 February at BMW Welt in Munich. Let’s wait and see that glamorous moment!

About iF


The iF Product Design Award was set up in 1953 and is annually conferred by the iF International Forum Design. Every year the iF attracts entries around the world, which are judged by renowned experts, with the best of them receiving an iF seal of outstanding design quality. The best of the best are awarded with an iF gold award, known as the “Design Oscar”.