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About Kramer

Wonderful Bathroom Time With KRAMER

To know a person’s style,no matter men or women, just to see his or her bathroom.Try to imagine, when the the first wonderful glimmering of light is coming, your mind and body shine and glow with the droplet jumping and dancing; when the moon is sheding the liquid light quietly to the stretch of home, the bathroom aroma diffuse words, dense in turn place between, light linger shuttle or jumping or slide, you could enjoy the most confortable time of the day. A person who knows indeed how to enjoy the life, how he or she won’t build a space where he or she can open the soul, release the innocence and enjoy the most private time?

KRAMER is always committed to build the elegant style bathroom with premier quality and refined taste for the person who knows indeed how to enjoy the life.

Enjoy the life, live a wonderful life style with wisdom and intelligence. Luxury style, charm style, bright style, elegant style. The rich various style suites of KRAMER always can meet your beautiful and perfect pursue to life.

Enjoy the life, love every moment with sensitive and sagacious senses. Nothing about romantics, it is all about superior texture. KRAMER selectively inherits 140 years’ glory of family, constantly strives for perfection, perfectly interpret your modern honourable life.

Enjoy the life, create greatest future with whole-heartedness and enthusiasm. Environmentally friendly and sensuous refinement is the high-level elegant style life. Energy-efficient, water-saving, lead-free, KRAMER attentively to care and build your green and natural home life.

KRAMER, creates wonderful bathroom time with premier quality, enriches your life with inspiration.To know one’s taste, just visit his/her bathroom. Throughout the day, it is where you refresh yourself, and is also where you can truly relax. For individuals who reward themselves with pleasure and enjoyment in life, how would it be possible for them to neglect such an important place?
As a brand that aims to provide a life with enjoyment and grace, Kramer dedicate itself for those who prioritize the pleasure in life.Enjoy your life, and pursue a lifestyle with taste. Luxurious, mysterious, stylish, or even futuristic… Whatever it is, you are guaranteed to find the one you like from the various suites that Kramer has to offer.Enjoy your life, and pursue your own pleasure. With 100-year glorious history of striving for perfection, Kramer is confident in providing you with a bathing experience beyond compare.Enjoy your life, and pursue a greener future. Those who enjoy a tasteful way of life can also the be ones who care for the environment.  

You know life while KRAMER knows you!